10 Trends in Digital Marketing, Take Advantage of Your Strategy.

Knowing your target audience in depth allows you to identify trends in digital marketing and reach them . Based on this, your strategy needs to be modified annually to fit the new customs.

With the arrival of the pandemic in the world, everything was transformed, giving way to new preferences that you can take advantage of. Especially if you are in charge of marketing a company or online store. In this article we will talk about the trends in digital marketing 2022 that you can take advantage of and apply to your strategy

Evolution of digital marketing

Before delving fully into the new user preferences, let’s learn more about the evolution of the sector. Although digital marketing seems to be a new discipline, in reality it has already traveled its own path. In fact, its beginnings can be traced back to the years 1990 and 1994. Mainly to technological advances such as the Internet.

Despite having emerged alongside new technologies, it was confused with traditional marketing. So the behaviour of the audience was seen in the same way. However, time proved otherwise.  It was in 1993 that the first advertising banner appeared on a website. At the same time Archie met, who was the first search engine in history. By 1997, the first Six Degrees social network.

[Twitter: When digital marketing emerged, it was confused with traditional marketing.]

From all the previous events, new trends in digital marketing such as social networks, which are still known today, gave way to: Facebook, Sonico, Metroflog, Myspace, Hi5, Flickr, among others.

With the emergence of Google, MSN and Yahoo, the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) began to be known to refer to positioning in search engines. Point that was also transformed from the trends. In general, digital marketing evolved to focus more on user behaviour. Therefore, efforts largely try to take advantage of specialized segmentation to achieve better results.

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Without a doubt, digital marketing has adapted to the new times to take advantage of the technological advances that arise on the Internet. Therefore, as a brand or company, you must take advantage of its trends to expand your business.

Business growth with digital marketing

If you are looking for your company to grow with digital marketing, you should take into account the 10 trends in digital marketing that can help you:

1- From 4P to 5A

Companies interested in growing must understand that digital marketing must give greater value and weight to the consumer. This is key if you want to create a loyal community. That is why it evolved from the 4Ps of Edmund Jerome McCarthy, an American professor, based on: product, price, point of sale and promotion. These four elements were key to the approach of a strategy. Currently, the approach of Phillp Kotler, an economist specializing in marketing , is preferred, who updated the previous model by establishing the 5A of the customer journey, which in Spanish is: knowledge, attraction, consultation, action and recommendation . What these keywords allow is to remember the important aspects that a strategy must have. In this way, priority is not given only to the benefits of companies, but to provide valuable content to consumers.

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2- Correct use of storytelling

Storytelling is a very influential strategy that can be used by companies. In fact, it has the power to persuade 60% of the world’s people. Therefore, it must be applied correctly as follows:

Listen and detect what your consumers want. It is important that you use digital tools to establish what your audience wants to hear or read. In addition to knowing what content connects. For this you can use metrics. Once you know the reactions you generate with your content, you must take the next step. For this, test different variables to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Storytelling is an incredible tool to connect with your users.

Be clear about your own storytelling. For you to apply this strategy in the correct way, you must focus more on your story. It is at this point that you should give more value than being a seller or promoting a message to promote your company. So, you must show your essence.

3- Positioning through branded content

Branded content is another trend in digital marketing that you can use to position your company. This consists of creating content linked to your brand so that you can connect with your consumer.  To achieve success with this strategy, you must focus on the values ​​that your company or brand has. Not so much in services or products. In general, you should base this tactic on the intangible qualities you have. Consequently, branded content manages to position brands because it is always oriented towards generating a conversation and notoriety around the company or brand. Beyond looking for a direct conversion. Because added value is generated for the user, the content will impact the audience, making them talk about the brand. Likewise, this type of strategy seeks to appeal to emotions to connect with your buyer persona on a much more intimate level. So, it can be reinforced through storytelling.

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4- AI and machine learning

Digital marketing trends also take into account artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Mainly because of marketing automation. In this sense, what this achieves is the following:

Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, human language can be understood and interpreted correctly, so it can analyze the opinions that consumers have. In the same way, it seeks to understand each of the texts written by humans to know if they are really reflecting a positive, neutral or negative opinion of a brand or company. What makes the process fast and effective.  Through this trend you can prevent losing customers. This is because it creates algorithms that can predict user behaviour, as well as identify which ones could be passed on to the competition.  When combined with marketing automation   , it is capable of creating a system that identifies users at risk. Which will serve to send a personalized message for your re-enlistment. In addition, the experience of potential customers is improved: guiding them throughout the buyer journey, guaranteeing stock in online stores and making personalized recommendations.

5- Audio-visual formats: Video marketing

Another of the trends in digital marketing that you must implement is based on audio-visual formats, such as video marketing. Its rise is mainly due to the dynamics of social networks. Among these we highlight:

Storytelling in video marketing. This trend combination is perfect for generating empathy between your company or brand and your audience, as well as motivating interaction on digital platforms. The idea is to create short videos telling an experience, you can easily create and edit short videos with the video editor tool online. Likewise, interactive videos can be made to promote an immersion in the audience. Giving you the ability to control what you want to know about the product or service. An example of this are the 360 ​​videos that give a complete vision of virtual reality. On the other hand, in video marketing, interaction should be prioritized, rather than production. For example, there are successful cases that have been recorded with smartphones. What reduces the costs related to the creation of this material. However, quality is still important.

6- Content created by users

As we have seen throughout the article, content is still one of the most used approaches in strategies. Especially for the result that this has. But, one trend that is very strong is user-created content. This can be: images, audio, video, text files that are published on social networks. The important thing about this trend is that it arises voluntarily on the part of the users, without there being a payment involved. So, users can develop their creativity and give back to brands. This can be used by companies because it is a material that is very attractive to other followers of the brand. Mainly because it is a reflection of the experience of another person just like them.

7- Voice Marketing

Voice marketing is another trend in digital marketing that you should use in your strategy. This is based on searches and voice assistance, a technology that is gaining more and more ground. In fact, according to data from comScore, a research company dedicated to marketing, 50% of searches that are made today are through voice. This is because the content is becoming more accessible and understandable. Voice marketing is a trend that cannot be ignored due to the advancement of assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google. On the other hand, thanks to voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana or the Google assistant, different actions can be carried out that have an effect on marketing. How to play music, make restaurant reservations, control appliances, among others. What pushes companies to optimize their websites so that it can be understandable and reachable by voice search engines.

8- Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is a model in which advertising is purchased automatically on websites, blogs, online newspapers, among others. Within this strategy there are different trends in digital marketing such as:

Ads targeted to very specific locations. In this aspect, the IP addresses of the clients are taken into account so that the algorithm recommends products or services.  Video formats are relevant. Platforms like YouTube ads, Instagram, among others, is a programmatic advertising trend that cannot be ignored. Because a more personalized user experience can be offered. New ad formats so it is possible to improve engagement, online reputation and social presence.

9- Mindful marketing

If you have to talk about trends in digital marketing, you have to highlight mindful marketing . Where the care of the planet is taken into account, as well as sustainable consumption and what can be done so that it has a better future. This trend takes into account the ecology and the protection of social rights because they are the main concerns of its target client. Therefore, a humanized promotion is pursued much more than the ego of the companies.

10- Storydoing

Finally, story doing is one of the marketing trends that focuses on doing and not telling. So he will seek to live his values. It aims to provide authentic experiences. For example, one of the successful companies in this type of strategy is Apple. That because they do not focus on selling a Smartphone or tablet, what they actually do is offer their consumers a product linked to the exclusive. Therefore, companies that can apply this strategy ensure much more committed and loyal consumers. 

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conclusion As we saw throughout this article, we discovered the trends in digital marketing that should be taken advantage of. Especially if you want to take your company to the next level. Each one has its advantages, so you should study them in depth to apply them to your marketing plan.