Reasons to Implement a Link Building strategy

In search engines, the main ranking factors are content and links pointing to your site, says Andrey Lipattsev, senior strategist at Google. Therefore, having a link building strategy on your website is key to boosting SEO.

Link building is a set of techniques used to generate links on external domains, called backlinks. That is, links on other websites that direct traffic to yours. The objective of this process is to improve the SEO positioning of a page or website within the search engines.

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Advantages of implementing a link building strategy

Link building can boost your SEO strategy on your website for several reasons. These are the main ones:

Improve your ranking on Google

If your website is not on the first page of Google results, you are missing out on 90% of clicks. With a link building strategy, you can position yourself better in search engines, as they rank websites based on factors such as authority and reliability.

To do this, they count the number of backlinks, as well as referring domains that relate to your website, among other things. If your content is good, but you don’t have links to it, it’s almost impossible for Google to rank you higher than your competitors.

Increase organic website traffic

This point is directly related to the previous one. And it is that if your website does not get a good ranking in Google, it will be difficult to obtain organic traffic (not payment). Therefore, if you have a good link building strategy, you are more likely to attract quality traffic.

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Improve page reputation

Links offer credibility to your website as they act as third-party indicators of your domain’s authority. Since Google seeks to provide its users with the most relevant results, it takes into account the ‘authority’ of the sites, something that it measures by the number of quality links directed to it.

Increases opportunities to generate sales and income

By improving your ranking in Google, through your link building strategy and increasing web traffic, new opportunities are opened to generate sales and thus more income. Your business will gain more visibility, which will attract more potential customers. In this way, the possibilities of conversions are expanded.

What link building strategy can you use?

In a survey of over 800 professional SEOs in 2020, cited by Neil Patel, almost 40% said they spend more than $1,000 a month on link building. This makes clear the importance of having a link building strategy for them. But which strategies, specifically, should businesses invest in?

Also, how do you get high quality links from other websites? These techniques are some of the ones that work best:

1. Guest posts

It is perhaps the most popular link building technique, but it is important to know how to do it to obtain positive results. To do this, it is key that you write as a guest author not only on sites that have a better or similar domain authority to your website, but also that are related to it. Additionally, we recommend creating a unique piece of content for the other site.

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2. Create and distribute infographics

This is another effective link building strategy because infographics are very attractive graphic pieces. Neil Patel points out that 56% of companies create infographics and 84% of these consider them to be very effective for link building. The best thing is that this content continuously generates traffic to your blog and allows you to obtain quality links without even asking for them.

3. Find broken links as a link building strategy

These are links from a website that no longer work, either because the address is incorrect or because they no longer exist. You can search for pages with content that is related to your topic and check if they have broken links. If so, contact them so they can replace it with another similar link from your site. Consider that 42.5% of websites have this type of link, so you can capitalize on this with the broken link strategy.

4. Create press releases

Another effective strategy is to create press releases. In order for them to work, they must contain relevant content and be easily disclosed in the media. You can make one when you have a new product or service to launch, to communicate a novelty in the sector or to open a new store.

5. Improvement on existing content = link building strategy

You could also take advantage of the content of your website to improve it. If you notice that one of your posts is constantly receiving backlinks, you can write a better one to replace it by receiving links. You can also optimize the ones you have so that they start receiving.

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Now that you know what a link building strategy consists of and the reasons for using it, you will most likely want to take advantage of it to improve the positioning of your website in search results.

If so, you can use the recommended techniques or rely on marketing experts. At dservizio we help you successfully implement link building.